5 tips to make your parting look more natural

I think we can all agree that there is nothing worse than a bad looking, wig or closure with an unrealistic parting. It really can make or break your whole look. Below are our top 5 tips for creating that perfect natural parting:

1). Get the right colour lace!

When ordering your lace wig, there is normally an option of what colour you would like the lace to be, whether that be dark, medium or fair. If you get the right colour lace, this creates less work for you in the long run because it will already blend with your skin/scalp.

2). Bleach the knots

It can be annoying when you are trying to achieve the perfect parting and all you see are tiny black dots where the hair has been attached to the cap of the wig. A great way of disguising this is to bleach the knots on the reverse of the wig. Once this is done, the parting will appear much more natural.

3). Pluck away

If you don’t fancy the hassle of bleaching the knots on your wig, how about just grabbing a pair of tweezers and carefully removing some strands of hair from your parting. This helps create a better look as when you part your real hair, it seldom looks like a perfect, straight, minuscule line as some partings on wigs appear when straight out of the box. Please do not get too excited though and over-tweeze your parting! This could lead to a very large and scary looking, wide parting on your lace and can cause unnecessary shedding.

4). Wear the correct stocking cap

Most people wear stocking caps underneath their wigs, you can also get these in different skin tone, fleshly colours, making your parting look more natural because it is a realistic and believable shade.

5). Make it up!

Even if you wanted to skip all of the steps above, you could still get away with just doing this final step, using make-up. For a seamless blend, use a very thin make-up brush to trace back over your parting, concentrating especially on the section where the lace ends and your actual scalp starts to show through. Many people like to use liquid foundation or concealer, but if you want to go for an even more natural look, try a powder foundation…Just make sure that it’s the correct colour for your skin!

Has your old wig seen better days?…Chop it into a short bob!

So you’ve had your wig for a while, you’re getting bored of it, maybe it isn’t looking as good as it used to when you first bought it, or maybe it’s thinning out a bit. Well, not to worry, here’s a quick, cost effective way to solve your problem, without having to buy a new wig.

          Before – 14″ Glueless Indian Remy wig
                       After – Cut and dyed black

Why not cut the wig into a bob cut? Don’t be afraid to wear short hair as you will be surprised how much it actually suits you when cut correctly. If you have a mannequin head you can cut the hair yourself, or you could even ask a friend. If the ends look a bit rough, go back in with a hair razor and bump the ends with a straightener to add softness and volume.

This is a fantastic way to make the most out of your wig. If you give this a try, make sure to let us know by leaving a comment below!