Has your old wig seen better days?…Chop it into a short bob!

So you’ve had your wig for a while, you’re getting bored of it, maybe it isn’t looking as good as it used to when you first bought it, or maybe it’s thinning out a bit. Well, not to worry, here’s a quick, cost effective way to solve your problem, without having to buy a new wig.

          Before – 14″ Glueless Indian Remy wig
                       After – Cut and dyed black

Why not cut the wig into a bob cut? Don’t be afraid to wear short hair as you will be surprised how much it actually suits you when cut correctly. If you have a mannequin head you can cut the hair yourself, or you could even ask a friend. If the ends look a bit rough, go back in with a hair razor and bump the ends with a straightener to add softness and volume.

This is a fantastic way to make the most out of your wig. If you give this a try, make sure to let us know by leaving a comment below!



If your wig is a natural colour…you can dye it yourself!

Tired of the colour of your lace wig? Fancy a change?

If you have a natural coloured wig (unprocessed), you can choose to dye the hair yourself at home.  There’s no need to fork out a ton of cash for someone to do it for you, unless you really do not feel that confident.

If your lace wig is virgin, meaning it has not been chemically processed before, it is actually much easier for you to dye your unit yourself whether you would like it a classy jet black or a sassy tone of blonde, the options are limitless for you.

Customer’s at home DIY ombre effect on our   Indian Virgin Remy wig (before and after).

If you are not sure on how to dye your wig, there are many useful step by step tutorials on YouTube. The hair dye that you purchase will also come with a set of instructions, and you can even get a friend to help you.

Remember that unprocessed hair should be treated like your own, this means that it is sensible to avoid excessive styling, whether that be with heat, or constant dying of the hair, especially when bleaching to achieve the blonde or bright coloured looks. Be sure to use a deep conditioning treatment for coloured hair in order to restore and balance the goodness back to your wig!