Blend those baby hairs for a natural look!

Having baby hairs on your wig is a simple way to make your style look more natural and believable.

The trick is to make the baby hairs look as natural as possible and not to have them too exaggerated. Try to make them look like your own baby hairs.

Avoid things like really long baby hairs as this looks unrealistic. Shorten your baby hairs with a hair razor of hair scissors and do not cut the hair bluntly.

Only pull out the baby hairs in certain areas around the perimeter of the wig in little sections to create a natural hairline.

                   K.Lyn – Pinterest

Try plucking a few strands of hair here and there to make the hairline a bit more sparse. Most of the time, baby hairs are not very thick and grouped together around the hairline, but rather lightly spread out.

If you like, you can also leave out some of your own baby hairs for a more seamless and natural look, but this is optional.


Finally, you can choose to lay the baby hairs down with gel, the Got2b glued gel by Schwarzkopf is a very popular choice and is good for keeping your wig in place because of its strong hold. You can smooth out the hairs using a fresh toothbrush, boar brush, fine toothed comb or your fingers.

Use clip in wefts to add colour and thickness to your wig

If your lace wig is not as thick as you would have liked, or you find that it is thinning out, there is a simple solution to this problem without purchasing an entire new wig. This problem can be temporarily solved by simply using clip in wefts. They’re versatile because they allow you to change how thick you would like your hair, whenever you like and you can also jazz up your look by adding coloured wefts for highlights or other styles.

For a natural look, part your hair into horizontal sections, adding in one weft at a time, ensuring that the perimeter of the lace wig has been left out and not clipped into the weft, this hides the tracks.

Image courtesy of Buzzfeed Mexico

If your hair is too silky, try teasing near the roots of the wig to ensure more security when installing the wefts. This is a really easy and fun method to wear your wig in multiple styles so that you do not have to buy a handful!