Need to hold your wig in place better? – Try the elastic band method

Get that wig laid with an elastic band!

Regardless of whether you’ve ordered a wig in a small or medium to fit the size of your head, the reality is that the wig still may not fit you perfectly, because everyone has a different shaped head.

To avoid the frustration of having a wig that slips, slides, moves from left to right and doesn’t lay flat, we recommend the elastic band method. This is used by so many women because it firmly secures the wig to the head, removing the fear of your wig slipping off and improving the appearance of the front by making the lace lay flatter than before.

All you will need to for this method is elastic, scissors, thread and a needle. Elastic can be purchased from craft stores, market stalls and so on. Because the elastic is used to hold the wig to your head securely, the thicker the width of the elastic, the more secure the hold will be with less chances of it snapping. Some people may find it easier to use a weaving needle and thread to stitch the elastic onto the wig, however the method still works with a regular needle and thread.


The first step is getting your elastic and holding it to one side of your head near your ear, and then pulling it tightly, all the way to the other side of your head, reaching the opposite ear. The elastic needs to be pulled tightly otherwise the wig will hang loose and it will not fit snug! Once you’ve measured how long the elastic should be, simply take a pair of scissors and cut it to the desired length. Once you have done this, simply stitch either end of the elastic on, or right underneath the ear tabs on your wig depending on what you personally prefer, and there you have it, a tailor-fitted wig!




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