How to store your lace wig?

Now that you have spent your money on your lace wig, you will quickly learn that the best way to prolong the life of your wig is to be sure that you take care of it – this includes putting the wig somewhere safe when you are not wearing it.


Wig Box
When you buy your wig from us, we provide you with a free rigid box.
wigbox you can keep this box to store your wig in, the boxes are stackable, so they are a real space saver.

The box is slimline and also comes with a free wig bag to protect your investment.


Polystyrene Wig Head
A simple and popular option, these wig heads are great for storing and working on your wigs, they are designed to hold your

Polystyrene Wig Head
Polystyrene Wig Head

wig in shape and you can use pins to keep the wig in place while it is on the stand.

So if you have a style that you want to keep, a flat parting, or curls and waves, then this is the cheapest option for you, retailing at around £5.


Canvas Wig Head (Wig Block)
If you really want to go all out on wig storage – then there is nothing

Canvas Wig Head or Wig Block

better than a canvas wig head or a wig block.  Unlike the polystyrene ones, the canvas heads come in small, medium and large sizes – allowing you to get a good fit.

You can also attach clamps to them so that you have them fixed to a table or worktop

Wig Clamp

while you style the hair, so if you do a lot with your wig, dying it, reshaping and tweezing hairlines, styling the wig off of your head, then this is my best choice, but you will pay for it, setting you back between £20-£45.

Canvas wig heads/blocks are great for working on your wig, but not the most cost effective if you just want storage.



I used to have loads of these before I started using my boxes, these

Wig on hanger
Wig on hanger

cute little hangers allow you to clip your wig onto them and hang them in your wardrobe!

Really cost effective and good to hide away your wig from all who should not see it!

You don’t even need to get these special single hangers although you can grab them on ebay from around £2, you can also use a skirt hanger if you have one, or you can use a regular hanger and attach your wig to it with good old clothes pegs!


Folding Wig Stands
I have seen these around, and I have even tried one – but could I get my wig to stay on the stand?

Folding Wig Stand
Folding Wig Stand

Absolutely not!!!!

Fitting it together was a mission in its self, I found it collapsed on a regular basis, and when I did manage to get it to stand, my wig just keep sliding off – maybe I was doing something wrong, but even if I was given it for free I still would not use it!

I have read somewhere that it is useful if you need to travel, because it folds flat.  They are fairly reasonably priced at about £1.


There are lots of different options around if you just want to store your lace wig, and some of them cost very little.  Remember one thing though – crunched up at the bottom of your wardrobe is not going to be the best place to store your new lace wig!!!!!