Need to remove your wig, but don’t have adhesive remover? Try Olive Oil

Removing full lace wigs can be a tricky and fiddly job, one that requires a bit of time and patience.

If you’ve ever used adhesive to secure your wig, you know of all the products needed to maintain its style and the products needed to remove the wig.

If you’re tired of using alcohol based adhesive removers, or you’ve simply run out, why not try using olive oil instead?

This method is affordable and does not involve use of any harsh chemicals which is a bonus. The olive oil also works well in removing any left over adhesive that remains on the skin after removing the wig.

You can apply the olive oil to the areas of adhesive on the lace with your hands or by using a spray bottle. After allowing the olive oil to set for a few minutes or so, gently begin to lift parts of the lace up bit by bit, ensuring that you’re not too forceful, avoiding damage to the lace.

Please be sure to leave a comment if you try this method out and it works for you, or if you have any other useful tips.

Need to hold your wig in place better? – Try the elastic band method

Get that wig laid with an elastic band!

Regardless of whether you’ve ordered a wig in a small or medium to fit the size of your head, the reality is that the wig still may not fit you perfectly, because everyone has a different shaped head.

To avoid the frustration of having a wig that slips, slides, moves from left to right and doesn’t lay flat, we recommend the elastic band method. This is used by so many women because it firmly secures the wig to the head, removing the fear of your wig slipping off and improving the appearance of the front by making the lace lay flatter than before.

All you will need to for this method is elastic, scissors, thread and a needle. Elastic can be purchased from craft stores, market stalls and so on. Because the elastic is used to hold the wig to your head securely, the thicker the width of the elastic, the more secure the hold will be with less chances of it snapping. Some people may find it easier to use a weaving needle and thread to stitch the elastic onto the wig, however the method still works with a regular needle and thread.


The first step is getting your elastic and holding it to one side of your head near your ear, and then pulling it tightly, all the way to the other side of your head, reaching the opposite ear. The elastic needs to be pulled tightly otherwise the wig will hang loose and it will not fit snug! Once you’ve measured how long the elastic should be, simply take a pair of scissors and cut it to the desired length. Once you have done this, simply stitch either end of the elastic on, or right underneath the ear tabs on your wig depending on what you personally prefer, and there you have it, a tailor-fitted wig!




If you are ever unsure about any tips or tricks featured on this blog, why not try searching YouTube for in depth, step by step tutorials?

If your wig is a natural colour…you can dye it yourself!

Tired of the colour of your lace wig? Fancy a change?

If you have a natural coloured wig (unprocessed), you can choose to dye the hair yourself at home.  There’s no need to fork out a ton of cash for someone to do it for you, unless you really do not feel that confident.

If your lace wig is virgin, meaning it has not been chemically processed before, it is actually much easier for you to dye your unit yourself whether you would like it a classy jet black or a sassy tone of blonde, the options are limitless for you.

Customer’s at home DIY ombre effect on our   Indian Virgin Remy wig (before and after).

If you are not sure on how to dye your wig, there are many useful step by step tutorials on YouTube. The hair dye that you purchase will also come with a set of instructions, and you can even get a friend to help you.

Remember that unprocessed hair should be treated like your own, this means that it is sensible to avoid excessive styling, whether that be with heat, or constant dying of the hair, especially when bleaching to achieve the blonde or bright coloured looks. Be sure to use a deep conditioning treatment for coloured hair in order to restore and balance the goodness back to your wig!

How to store your lace wig?

Now that you have spent your money on your lace wig, you will quickly learn that the best way to prolong the life of your wig is to be sure that you take care of it – this includes putting the wig somewhere safe when you are not wearing it.


Wig Box
When you buy your wig from us, we provide you with a free rigid box.
wigbox you can keep this box to store your wig in, the boxes are stackable, so they are a real space saver.

The box is slimline and also comes with a free wig bag to protect your investment.


Polystyrene Wig Head
A simple and popular option, these wig heads are great for storing and working on your wigs, they are designed to hold your

Polystyrene Wig Head
Polystyrene Wig Head

wig in shape and you can use pins to keep the wig in place while it is on the stand.

So if you have a style that you want to keep, a flat parting, or curls and waves, then this is the cheapest option for you, retailing at around £5.


Canvas Wig Head (Wig Block)
If you really want to go all out on wig storage – then there is nothing

Canvas Wig Head or Wig Block

better than a canvas wig head or a wig block.  Unlike the polystyrene ones, the canvas heads come in small, medium and large sizes – allowing you to get a good fit.

You can also attach clamps to them so that you have them fixed to a table or worktop

Wig Clamp

while you style the hair, so if you do a lot with your wig, dying it, reshaping and tweezing hairlines, styling the wig off of your head, then this is my best choice, but you will pay for it, setting you back between £20-£45.

Canvas wig heads/blocks are great for working on your wig, but not the most cost effective if you just want storage.



I used to have loads of these before I started using my boxes, these

Wig on hanger
Wig on hanger

cute little hangers allow you to clip your wig onto them and hang them in your wardrobe!

Really cost effective and good to hide away your wig from all who should not see it!

You don’t even need to get these special single hangers although you can grab them on ebay from around £2, you can also use a skirt hanger if you have one, or you can use a regular hanger and attach your wig to it with good old clothes pegs!


Folding Wig Stands
I have seen these around, and I have even tried one – but could I get my wig to stay on the stand?

Folding Wig Stand
Folding Wig Stand

Absolutely not!!!!

Fitting it together was a mission in its self, I found it collapsed on a regular basis, and when I did manage to get it to stand, my wig just keep sliding off – maybe I was doing something wrong, but even if I was given it for free I still would not use it!

I have read somewhere that it is useful if you need to travel, because it folds flat.  They are fairly reasonably priced at about £1.


There are lots of different options around if you just want to store your lace wig, and some of them cost very little.  Remember one thing though – crunched up at the bottom of your wardrobe is not going to be the best place to store your new lace wig!!!!!

How to flatten your hair and parting with water

When you take one of our wigs out of the box, it is normally folded, and may have been in the box for a little while – so you can expect that the

18" Indian Remy Lace Front Wig
Lace front wig before before we flatten the hair

hair does not lay as flat and smooth as you want it to – so you need to take a minute and spruce it up!

There are a few different ways to lay the hair flat, but I just want to concentrate on water for now.

If you have one, grab a water spray, if you don’t then just go and wet a cloth.

Water spray bottle

You do want the cloth to be dripping wet though – as you need to saturate the hair, so probably best then to get a cloth and a bowl!

You will need a brush and a wig head – or you can do it on your own hair, if you don’t mind getting a little wet!

Pop the wig on and take a minute to part he wig where you want your new parting to go, then just take your water spray and spray the hair or wet it with your cloth.


Use the brush to smooth it down, so that the hair lays where you want it to lay, and then….. wait for it to dry.


The more you smooth the wet hair with the brush the flatter and smoother the final result will be.